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Welcome to DuRant Direct Drive!

We hold the patent on the newest, simplest and most precise aircraft control system available.  Scrap your linkages and learn what it's like to be connected to your aircraft.
DuRant Direct Drive is a new and innovative company dedicated to improving the R/C hobby.  We offer a range of products and services including:

-- The patented DuRant Direct Drive Control System

-- Laser Cutting Service

-- The most complete line of Stick Practice Planes

-- Computer Design and Engineering Service

Rick Byrd's Carden Yak featuring full Direct Drive control - click on this picture for details!

What is Direct Drive?

Night flying the DuRant Direct Drive 42% Ultimate


What's New?

Photos added to the gallery July 2011:

Bob McGregor's Grumman Duck



Building Gussets for Reinforcing Built-up Fuselages 8 April 2010


Direct Drive Control Systems

View our line of Direct Drive servo mounts to convert your large scale plane to the power and precision of DuRant Direct Drive!


Practice Planes

Practice stick planes.  The hot ticket for full scale aerobatic and fighter pilots for years - now you can use them too!


Knowledge Base

From Direct Drive information and background to flying tips and techniques  -  It's all here!


Laser Cutting Service

For more information about our custom laser cutting service

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