How Many Channels?
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The next consideration is the number of channels. Even if you are flying a “four channel” plane, watch how fast you can eat up 12 channels:

1 -4 will be your standard rudder, elevator, aileron, and throttle.

5 is the channel mixed to drive a second elevator servo.

6 is used for the second aileron, so we can use aileron differential to clean up your rolling maneuvers.

7 is for mixture control on a glow plane, or the choke on a gasser.

8 is for smoke.

9 is for retracts

10 and 11 are for the other two ailerons on a biplane.

12 How about a kill switch for safety?

Sure, you probably don’t need all of these extras today, but someday you may. If you are flying pattern you have made a commitment to the hobby, so it makes sense to get the best radio with as many channels as you can afford.

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