Trim Pass
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The rest of our trimming procedures require you to fly passes and set the control trims so the plane flies straight. This is a simple step, but do not rush it. When you trim for level flight, you should be able to take your hands off the sticks, and the plane will track level until it is out of sight. When you fly a vertical line, the plane should track straight up with your hands off until it noticeably loses speed. If it doesn’t, then move the trim a unit at a time until it will.

Make several passes in different directions to average the effects of wind. It is helpful to fly on days with no wind, if at all possible. If not, at least try to fly directly into and away from the direction of the wind. Always fly several passes in each direction, until you are certain the trim is as close to perfect as possible.

If the wind is over 10 mph, it is best to save your setting-up for a better day.

Any amount your plane’s trim is off will change the adjustments you will be making. It will throw off the whole set-up, and leave you wondering why it is not working. This is important.

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