Elevator Conversions
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Styles #5 and #6

Drive your elevator halves using these slick fuselage mounts.  There are two styles to choose from. 


The dual style is for those narrow fuselages where the servos must be placed as closely to each other as possible.  The two servos are held within 1/16" of each other for minimum width.




And the single style is used in pairs for fuselages wider than 3-1/4".  It allows you to place the servos at any spacing you need.


The single mount is also ideal for full-span ailerons or flap configurations.  With large chord wings the servo is virtually hidden within the fuselage.

Styles include:
#5 - dual for standard servos (up to .76" )
#5W - dual JR8611 servos (up to .82") 
#5XW - dual Futaba 9152 servos (up to 1.01")
#6 - single for a standard servo
#6W - single JR8611 servo
#6XW - single Futaba 9152 servo
note:  if in doubt about which servo you will use, you should pick the #1W.  You can then use 1/32" shims to install the smaller servo if necessary.
The kit includes:
Laser-cut mount
Laser-cut servo horn
4-40 bolts to mount servo arm to horn
Instruction sheet
The only items you will need are servos and a Hangar 9 HD 1/2 servo arms to match.

Note the clean elevator installation in Jeff Fisher's Extra

Weight:  Approx 12 grams single/20 grams dual
Height/width:      #5 & 6 -            .885"/2.375"/
                         #5W & 6W -      .945"/2.375"
                         #5XW & 6XW -  1.130"/2.880"


Single Elevator Instructions

Dual Elevator Instructions

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