Soft Servo Mounting
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I would really like to emphasize that soft mounting your engine is preferable to soft mounting your servo.  The engine is the component that generates the damaging vibration, and it damages everything on the airframe - not just servos.  It just makes sense to dampen the engine.
We have run planes in the past with Direct Drive but without soft engine mounts, and have not had problems with servo failures.
But, for those of you who are dead set against a soft engine mount, there is a trick we have come up with that will satisfy you too...

The trick is to install a mount that is one size larger than the servo you plan to use.  This allows you to place strips of foam or rubber tape on both sides of the servo, and then slip the servo into the larger mount.  It's that simple!
The size you cut the tape will control the amount of dampening you gain.  Small pieces of tape will allow the servo to deflect more than a large piece.  A large piece will provide more support for the servo, so it will be held more rigidly.
If you have a combination that doesn't seem to fit the size of foam tape you have, just give us a call.  With a little lead time we can cut the mount to fit your needs.

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