Stick Practice Planes
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Tired of practicing for those unkown sequences with your hands?  Try one of these laser-cut stick planes.  Planes like these have been used by USAF and USN pilots for decades.  They work wonders in improving your flying by helping you visualize your flight before you start burning gas. 
Even if you are a sport flyer, you will find them to be indispensable when trying to work through new maneuvers.  Don't let the pattern guys have all the fun!
These are sized to "go anywhere", the largest being under 3 inches wingspan!
Get a few to keep in your flight box, glove box, or office in-box.  That way you'll never miss a minute to think about flying!

All of our planes feature unique "snap lock" design for strength and ease of assembly.  Laser cutting guarantees perfect fit of parts, unlike many of the mill-cut designs on the market.
Don't see your plane?  Just let us know and we will custom cut one just for you.  Same price, of course!

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