Single Servo Mount
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Styles #1, #1W, and #1XW


This is the standard conversion kit for most aircraft.  It mounts a single standard servo to drive a rudder, elevator, or aileron.  Or, it can be used to space multiple servos along an aileron.  The total weight - and price - of this mount is less than that of the linkages you will be replacing!
Styles include:

#1 fits for standard servos up to .76" wide

#1W for JR8611 servo up to .82" wide
#1XW for Futaba 9152 servos - 1.01" wide
note:  if in doubt about which servo you will use, you should pick the #1W.  You can then use 1/32" shims to install the smaller servo if necessary.
The kit includes:
Laser-cut mount
Laser-cut servo horn
4-40 bolts to mount servo arm to horn
Servo lock bolt and nut
Instruction sheet
The only items you will need are a servo and a Hangar9 HD 1/2 servo arm to match.


These are cut-out views of a single mount as it is installed in a wing to drive an aileron.


Weight:  Approx 16 grams
                       #1 -                 .885"/2.325"
                       #1W -              .945"/2.325"
                       #1XW -            1.115"/2.320"
Depth (installed depth): 
                       #1 & 1W -        2.04"
                       #1XW -            2.225"


How about extremes?  Above is a mount for the gigantic Seiko PS050 servo.  Below is the tiny Hitec HS125 micro mount. 



Installation Instructions

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