Laser Cutting and Engineering Services

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DuRant Direct Drive Provides Comprehensive Laser Cutting and CAD services at Reasonable Rates

So you have that new R/C airplane design roughed out on paper, but you're not so hot on cutting out ribs and patterns -  we have the solution just for you!  Have it computerized and laser cut!
Laser cutting is the only way to make parts:
   --  It is precise to one thousandth of an inch
   --  Ensures perfect parts, which speeds building and finishing
   --  Saves valuable time you can spend at the field

Send us a description and sketch of your project and we will provide a free laser cutting estimate.  Don't hand cut another part until you have checked on laser cutting!

We have a trained engineer on staff, skilled in Autocad drafting and specializing in aircraft mechanical engineering.  No project is to large or small.  Engineering services include 3-D drafting and structural illustrations. 

At DuRant Direct Drive we understand the average modeller.  In recognition of the limited resources available to most hobbyists, we will often provide the design and engineering work for free.  That's right...FREE.  Of course, for any cut jobs, you still must pay the going rate for material (unless you provide your own) and the cost of cutting (normally $2 per minute of laser time).
The question I'm sure you have is '"why would we do it for free?"  Well, here are the conditions that make it a mutually beneficial arrangement:
1)  It has to be a project we see as having potential...in other words, something other modellers will also have an interest in.
2)  We retain all rights to the design.  This means we have the right to resell the design to other modellers, thereby giving us the ability to eventually "recoup" our expenses down the road.
3)  You can't be in a big hurry.  Free jobs will be work-load permitting. 
SO, what do you have to lose?  Give us a call and get that dream project going!!

Engineering services:
          $50 per hour    *see note above for reduced rate
Drafting services:
          $25 per hour    *see note above for reduced rate
Laser cutter specs:
   Bed size 24"x18"   $2 per minute of cutting/engraving
                              Max balsa thickness:  3/8"
                              Max plywood thickness:  1/4"
                              Cut rate:  max 100 inches per min
                              Materials:  non-metalic only
   Bed size 96"x48"   $8 per minute with $200 minimum
                             Max balsa thickness:  3/8"
                             Max plywood thickness:  3/8"
                             Materials:  metalic or non-metalic
Material costs:
    Market rate or provide you own. (note: some extra material
                is required to test power and speeds for optimum cutting.)

If you are ready to move into the 21st century, click here for contact information!

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