Rick Byrd's Yaks
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Rick Byrd built these two matching Carden Yak's for the 2007 competition season.  Follow along for some details about these beautiful aircraft:


Rick flew the primary plane at the 2007 NAT's,  the Tucson Shootout Invitational, and the Shootout Freestyle.  The Carden airframe, DA power, Futaba electronics, and DuRant Direct Drive have all been bullet-proof for the entire season.  The primary plane has proven so reliable that the back-up plane has not seen any action all season.


Kit:  Carden 37% Yak
Engine:  DA 150
Radio:  Futaba 14MZ with 2048 Recievers
Servos:  Futaba 9152's for all controls
                        2 each aileron
                        2 each elevator half
                        2  for rudder
DuRant Direct Drive Mounts:
                        4 - #1 mounts for ailerons (2 per side)
                        4 - #1 mounts for elevators (2 per side)
                        1 - #2 mount for rudder
Covering:  Monokote


Rick Byrd being assisted by Jeff Fisher during practice


The Direct Drive installation in these planes is featured in the December 2007 publication of Model Aviation, along with Rick's flying impressions.

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