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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Complete conversion kits are now available for 32% to 45% aircraft.  These kits provide all the Direct Drive components you need to upgrade your mono-wing airplane to full Direct Drive control.  Buying a kit saves significantly over purchasing individual mounts. 
9:49 pm cst 

Sunday, February 10, 2008

We have added this page to the website to quickly give our pilots the latest information.  Here it is:
    --DuRant Direct Drive provided complimentary stick planes for all judges enrolled in the IMAC National Judging School.  The school was a great success with 51 participants from around the country.  We look forward to a well run and standardized competition season in 2008.
    -- We have developed simple plywood cutting templates to aid in aligning our mounts during installation.  These are very simple designs that greatly speed the job of cutting the opening to accept the mount.  The appropriate templates will now be included with every order for no additional charge.
     -- For those large plane enthusiasts, we now have a router jig.  This plywood jig allows you to use a standard or dremel router using a template bit to cut the openings for Direct Drive mounts.  If you have to install a lot of mounts in 35% or large aircraft, this is the hot ticket to really reduce your build time.  The jig is in testing, but should be available to purchase shortly.  The estimated retail price will be $39.95.
9:14 am cst 


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