Trevor Brum
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Here is Builder/Flyer Trevor Brum's imaculate 40% Carden Edge 540.  Weight 26.4 lbs. -- no, that's not a misprint! --  only 26.4 lbs!  Scroll down for more specs.  For more great information about Trevor's building services, visit his website:


40% Carden Edge 540 @ 26.4lbs RTF
Durant Direct Drive on all surfaces
Hitec 7955 and 7950 servos
DA100L on standard mufflers
Vess 28B prop
Azure Hobbies 5`CF spinner
Covered in Monokote
Graphics by Aerographix.com
Ultralight, polished, curved spoked, aluminum wheels by AirManufacturing
CF wing, tail tubes, CF G2 landing gear, CF wheel pants all by Graphtech
JR12x guidance with single JR1221 Rx
Twin A123 2300mAh Rx power

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