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Check Out Our Complete Direct Drive Kits!!

Kits include all the Direct Drive parts you need for a complete conversion

Below are Descriptions and Specs on Our Systems
These patented kits allow you to set-up your aircraft for direct servo drive of the flight controls. 
All kits are CAD designed and laser cut for fast, accurate assembly.  You save money, as you will no longer need control horns, pushrods, or ball links.  They save weight, as you don't have the dead weight of control linkages.  Cheaper, stronger, less weight, and more precise!  What are you waiting for?


Single Servo Mount

Mounts a single servo so it can direct drive a rudder, aileron, or elevator



Dual Servo Mount

Mounts two servos for those controls needing extra power.



Triple Servo Mount

Mounts three servos for those controls needing lots of power!



Quad Servo Mount

Four servos for maximum torque.



Elevator/Flap Servo Mount

Clean and efficient power for your elevator



Control Drive Horns

Universal or Custom Horns for your project.



Servo Arms

The ones you will need

So you want Direct Drive, but your not sure about your building skills?  Not a problem.  Installation service is available. 

Have a unique servo or installation problem?  Just give us the details and we will cut a custom mount for you.  And, best of all - the price is the same for custom designs as for our standard mounts!

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