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Unlike the other guys, biplanes are all we do.  We flew their planes...and didn't like them.  But, that's what happens when they throw a design together fast to have it mass-produced.  

At Durant Direct Drive, we know what it takes to make double wings work, and we have the stick time to back it up.  The only thing better than a Direct Drive conversion is a plane designed for it.  Since we started from a clean slate, we didn’t just wrap dated technology in monokote and try to pass it off as a new plane. This plane is state of the art for competition from the cowl back!  More than 4 years were spent in developing the exotic new building techniques and making subtle modifications the other guys missed. 

 Try some of these features:


Without a doubt the most advanced biplane available.   Revolutionary building techniques merge high-temperature carbon and laser-cut wood to produce the lightest, most rigid, airframe on the market.  We offer two versions.  The 150cc model gives ultra-light wing loading for performing low down 3D ballets.  The 212cc - 4cylinder model provides mind numbing performance for all out competition...like...unlimited snap rolls on a vertical up-line at 2/3 throttle performance!


Laser cutting means perfect fit of parts, less glue and less weight.  Building is faster and the assembly is straighter.  Even the screw holes are pre-cut to perfect size.  Lightening holes are all pre-cut. No more “coring out” a kit to reduce weight…we did it for you.  Repairs are easier following those occasional “dings”, as we can send you a fresh stack of parts that will fit exactly.


This kit is designed around canister mufflers.  Face it, the future is quiet. If you are like us, you are tired of kit designers telling you how to modify their planes for quiet mufflers. When you cut into their planes, though, you find yourself making major modifications,  reducing strength and adding weight as you build a tunnel for the cans. Our plane is way ahead of the game.

Right through the center of our fuselage is a high-temperature composite-lined tunnel, designed to contain the hot cans AND reinforce the planes structure.  No modifying here. Remove the wing and you have access to the full length of the canisters for maintenance and inspection.


We developed a revolutionary trussed carbon fuselage structure.  No other plane uses this advanced construction technique.  Carbon rod is used in tension only, where it performs best.  Wood is used in compression, where it outperforms carbon.  The result is the lightest and most rigid airframe available, and it will stay that way! There are no mechanical joints to loosen over time. 

We optimized CG planning.  All equipment locations are specified and located as close to the CG as possible. This means faster control response and less moment of inertia during violent maneuvers – like snap rolls – ensuring lightening fast entries and crisp exits.  Laser cut parts ensure consistent build weight with no guesswork.  Direct Drive ensures precise servo location, so your CG will come out where ours did –every time.

Want a DA200 or 3W212. No problem. If you tell us, the kit comes with the nose length adjusted to compensate for the 5 pound difference in weight. We do the work so you don’t have to, and the CG still comes out right on.

One piece wings ensure your aircraft stays rigid.  We could have split the wings down the middle like everyone else did, but why would we? We want to win.  A wing with a tube is heavier than one without, and a biplane saves that weight twice!  A wing tube loosens over time, so your wing – and your flying – gets sloppy. Not good. When we gave up the two piece wing, we were able to engineer the lower wing and fuselage as a single unit for strength and rigidity. There is no slop for the first flight – or the 1,001st flight.

The true advantage of a biplane is its strength and rigidity.  The other guys are proud of the fact they have no flying wires.  Sure, wires do take a couple extra minutes to set up for a flight, but look at the advantages.

  1. Rigidity. Unlike those biplanes using fishing wire – or nothing at all – this plane is tight and stays that way. Those without wires are like limp noodles, and fishing wire stretches a little every flight…needing constant adjusting. Our wires lock the wings to the airframe through even the most violent blender you can slam.
  2. First flight of the day trim pass…? Not this plane. If it needs a first flight trim change, then something got broken in transport.
  3. Extra drag means slower down lines for those busy unlimited sequences. Don’t worry, though, we kept the weight way down to pull up lines too.
  4. By using functional wires, we increased strength and were able to design even more weight out of the airframe.

Building Instruction Manual

Wingspan: 100"
Length:  103" with a 212cc / 105" with a 150cc
Weight:  41lbs with a 212cc (includes cans and soft mt)
             37 lbs with a 150cc (includes cans and soft mt)
Servos:  1 or 2 per aileron
            1 or 2 per elevator
            4 on rudder
            1 throttle (+optional choke)
Price:  $2399.00 Complete Kit
          $4399.00 Ready to Cover

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