What is Direct Drive?

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Welcome to the power and precision of Direct Drive. You are about to be introduced to a revolutionary idea that improves your control precision while eliminating parts.


Direct Drive is a unique way of mounting your standard servo so it drives the control surface without a linkage. Servo output is rotational, and the control surface also rotates, so why waste power converting back and forth through a linkage? The advantages are tremendous:

-- Fewer parts

-- Less weight

-- No linkage slop

-- Absolutely linear control response

-- Reduced control hinge wear

-- Longer servo life

-- More precision

-- More power to the controls

-- Improved flutter suppression

The system is simple. You are provided a laser-cut servo mounting box which is installed in your plane. A special control horn is installed in the control surface so it plugs right onto a standard servo shaft.  That’s it!

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