Dual Servo Mount

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Mount Style #2, #2W, and #2XW


This is the standard conversion kit for those larger aircraft requiring more power to the control.  It mounts two standard servos to drive a rudder, elevator, or aileron.  It allows the servos to be mounted farther inboard to keep weight towards the center of the plane.  The total weight - and price - of this mount is less than that of the linkages you will be replacing!
Style #2 fits a standard size servo up to .76" in width.  Style #2W fits the JR8611 size servo up to a width of .82".
note:  if in doubt about which servo you will use, you should pick the #1W.  You can then use 1/32" shims to install the smaller servo if necessary.
The kit includes:
Laser-cut dual mount
Laser-cut servo horns
4-40 bolts to mount servo arms to horns
Servo lock bolts and nuts
Instruction sheet
The only items you will need are servos and Hangar9 HD 1/2 servo arms to match.

Weight:  Approx 30 grams
                #2 -           .885"/4.575"
                #2W -        .945"/4.575"
                #2XW -      1.115"/4.575
Depth (installed depth): 
                # 2 & 2W - 2.04"
                #2XW -      2.225"


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