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Nothing's Better Than Nothing At All!

The servo output is via a rotating shaft, and rotation is what we need at the control surface. All we need to do is attach the servo directly to the control surface. You start by bolting a standard servo arm directly to the control surface. We then set a servo box just ahead of the control hinge line. I have developed a laser-cut plywood box that is very light and strong. We need to use removable hinges, like the Dubro scale pinned hinges.




The servo is attached to the servo arm, so it is a part of the control surface. The servo/control surface assembly is then moved into position as the servo is slid into the box. Once in position, install the hinge pins. That’s all it takes! The rest is all programming with your computer radio.

Look at the advantages we gain:

1) No push, pull, or twisting load is placed on the servo. The servo bearings are not stressed at all, so they do not wear.

2) The only load on the control surface is from the air stream. Your hinges wear slower so your airframe stays tighter longer.

3) There is no torque loss due to friction. 100% of your servo torque goes to the controls. What’s more, you have the full rated torque at all points of deflection up to the most extreme.

4) There is absolutely no slop, and there never will be. Control precision is limited only by your selection of servos. You will feel the difference!

5) Control motion is absolutely linear to your transmitter stick deflection.

6) Fewer parts means less weight. On my large bipe with 16 servos, this came to a weight savings of 8 ounces.

7) Increased reliability. If there is no linkage, there is nothing to break.

8) Up to 60 degrees of control throw with absolutely no linkage bind!

Of course, everyone wonders what the disadvantages of Direct Drive are. That is the best part…there are none. Rather, there are only a few limitations in aircraft that can use it. If your application is right, it is a better system than anything else you can use.

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