Hinging Overview
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To use Direct Drive, you need to use removable hinges. While many shy at the thought of installing hinges (let alone removable hinges!), this is actually a good deal. With 40 years of modeling experience, we used removable hinges long before we invented Direct Drive, just because it made good sense.

If our planes never got dinged, then standard hinges would be just fine. Unfortunately, flight is full of dings and dimples. Even if you are the lucky one who never has an accident, sooner or later every plane needs recovering from plane old age. Nothing makes these maintenance operations easier than being able to pop the controls off and work on the smaller parts with no crevices or cavities to get in the way. Also, removable hinges can be installed with perfect alignment, which is not possible with other style hinges. The result is a control with no binding.

Dubro scale hinges (#257) were the first, and remain our favorite, style removable hinge. After installing thousands, we’ve got the system down to an art. Read on and you can become a pro hinge installer too! If you are adding Direct Drive to your airplane, it is best to install the hinges first, and then install the servo mounts. Here we go.




Getting Prepared

The Installation



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