Hinge Installation
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You are now prepared. Before continuing, be sure you have read and understand what to do. The remaining steps must be performed in 5 minutes - the curing time of your epoxy.



1. Mix your 5 minute epoxy. Position your surface so the hinge slots are up, so the epoxy will tend to run into the slots, instead of out. You will now scoop and scrape the epoxy into the slots using your mixing stick. Work rapidly. Fill each slot with epoxy and move on to the next slot. When all are filled, then refill any that have “opened up” by the epoxy draining into the slot. Only refill once, though.


2. Soak a paper towel with alcohol or lacquer thinner and wipe all the excess epoxy from the hinge slots. Use ample cleaner and change towels frequently if you need to. The only remaining epoxy should be inside the slots.


3. Install the hinge halves, which are threaded onto the wire, into the slots. Gently press them in until the wire just contacts the wood, but no farther. Keep the slots oriented so the epoxy drains into the slot. You will note that the wire keeps the hinges perfectly aligned. If you used the cutoff disc to cut the slots, you will note that the extra width of the slot allows the hinges some room to align with the wire. This is why we prefer the cutoff disc to other methods of cutting slots. Do not press hard on the wire, though, or it will distort.


4. Take about 3 minutes now to clean yourself and your tools. After you do, the epoxy should just be getting gummy. This is the point where you can still move it, but it slowly returns to its original position. When it reaches this point, take your exacto and pick excess epoxy from the .047” wire wherever required.

5. Once you’ve done that, you can gently pull the wire from the hinge halves. Twist it if you need to loosen any remaining epoxy holding it. Immediately clean any remaining epoxy from the wire and pick any you need to from around the installed hinge halves.


6. Now re-thread the wire into the installed halves, this time adding the other half of each hinge as you go.

7. Prop your airframe so the hinge slots are oriented in a way that the epoxy will once again run into the slot instead of out - if this is at all possible. Sometimes it is not, in which case, just do the best you can.


Repeat steps 1 through 5 to install the control onto the airframe. You can now remove the hinge wire for covering…or to install your Direct Drive servo mounts. For final assembly, you can use either the .047” wire or the supplied brass cotter pins for your hinge pins. Your done!




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