Hinging Postlogue
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In writing, this whole process sounds more complicated than it is. Once you understand the procedure, it really goes lightening fast. It takes about 15 minutes total to install a control surface. The epoxy fills any gaps in the hinge slot, and cures at just the right speed to accomplish the work at hand. After a couple tries, you will not even have to pick excess epoxy from your hinges, since you will know just how much to use. The wire aligns the hinges so the control will have no hinge bind whatsoever.

If anything ever goes really wrong, the Dubro hinges can be removed with the cutoff disc. You can even re-slot right into a previously installed hinge, as though it was never there. Be sure to use a fan or mask when doing this, however, as the fumes from melted nylon get pretty noxious.


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