Elevator Travel
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At this point set your elevator to have three rates. You can adjust travel rates at any time without re-running any other steps in the trimming procedure. Once again, throw the manufacturer numbers out. You will set these by aircraft feel.

1. The pattern rate is the lowest rate, to give you smooth control. The up travel should be just enough to fly a pattern-sized loop with a little to spare. You will not be able to stall the plane with this low rate. Expo should be minimal. The down travel is set to fly an outside loop with some to spare, but it will take an additional 2 to 5 percent more travel to do it. This is because you have to overcome the slight push just to hold level inverted, which takes a little extra total travel.

2. Sport rate is the middle rate, for take-off and landings or flying for fun. It is also used to perform spins during pattern flying. You should have just enough travel to stall the plane with the power at idle, both upright and inverted. Once again, the down travel will be a few percent greater than the up. Expo should be around 20 to 30% (+- as appropriate for your radio).

3. 3D rate. The most travel mechanically possible. Expo should be between 60 and 70%. If you go above 70% the elevator control gets too sensitive to control properly. It acts more like a “switch” than a proportional control.


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